You’re Welcome! A guide for planning union conferences in clear language

We’ve all been at events where we’ve felt confused or left out when we don’t understand what’s going on. Sometimes, this happens because of the way people talk or how the information is presented. Over the last few years, the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), unions, federations of labour and labour councils have taken steps to integrate a literacy and clear language approach into our communications, our courses and our conferences. Together with our commitment to diversity, it is part of the effort to make our labour principles of social justice, equality and inclusion a reality across the work of the union.

We worked hard to make the 2006 CLC National Education Conference and Literacy Forum models in accessible and inclusive language. We learned along the way, and still have much to learn. But we thought our experience organizing these events might be useful to others who want to try this approach when planning workshops and conferences. To that end, we developed this guide.