Transformations: Literacy and the Labour Movement – Past, Present, and Future

Published in 2015, this beautifully produced, 66 page book tells the story of literacy from a Canadian Labour perspective.

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Book Overview 

The goal of Transformations is to highlight the importance of labour literacy education and the benefits it can bring to workers, their families, their communities, and the labour movement as a whole.

The book is divided into 5 sections:

Section 1 introduces what labour literacy education means, how it is different from institutional education, and how it is linked to a labour vision of literacy and the related concept of clear language.

Section 2 explores the history of education within the Canadian labour movement. Over the last 150 years, labour literacy education has become a tool for working people to gain concrete benefits in their workplace, community, and family lives.

Section 3 discusses the challenges facing labour and labour literacy education today. Beginning in the 1980s, neoliberalism has promoted the politics of individualism, turning everyday citizens against organized labour, a trend that only benefits private interests.

Section 4 presents a vision of how labour literacy education can help individuals, families, and communities lead better lives in the 21st century, and also lead to political and social transformation.

Section 5 concludes with some concrete steps that can be taken to bring labour literacy education into the workplace. Whether you are a labour educator, a steward, an activist or a union staff member, we hope you will find Transformations useful, informative, and above all inspirational.


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